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** Clients MUST book an Initial Assessment if you have not been to see us before, if it has been 5 months or more since you have been seen by a clinician, or when you are coming to see us for a new body area from what has been treated before. PLEASE DO NOT BOOK A SUBSEQUENT APPOINTMENT IF YOU REQUIRE AN INITIAL!! This can impact your ability to keep the appointment. When in doubt, please call the clinic and the Care Team will be happy to book you in to see us. **

** If you are looking to book with a new WSBC Claim or ICBC Claim: * PLEASE CALL TO BOOK - DO NOT BOOK ONLINE * - We need important claim information to book your appointment.**

Did you know….. we offer Pelvic Health, TMJ Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy and Scoliosis Treatment, Laser and Shockwave at one or both of our clinics? We also offer direct billing to major extended health insurance providers.


• Initial Assessment (new client, new area), 45 minutes: $115 • Subsequent treatment, 30 minutes: $90 • Subsequent treatment, 45 minutes: $135 • MSP Initial treatment, 45 minutes: $75 • MSP Subsequent treatment, 30 minutes: $50


Kinesiology / Athletic Therapy

Massage Therapy

Registered Massage Therapy



My ideal client is an individual who is committed to learning about their condition, and is a willing participant in their rehabilitation. I enjoy treating pretty much any injury to the body; this allows me to utilize my entire skill set and years of experience to accurately diagnose and treat many conditions. I look at my client’s injuries or conditions like a puzzle. I problem solve to find out what has caused the situation and what makes your situation unique to you. Together, we then come up with an individualized solution that will offer you the best results in the shortest amount of time

Using my training in spinal manipulation and Intra-Muscular Stimulation (IMS) in tandem, I can assess and effectively treat most injuries throughout the body. Spinal manipulation can restore the mobility to restricted spinal joints, whereas IMS can effectively release muscles which are in a painful spasm state; combined, these two tools allow you a much faster return to function. I have worked in private practice since 1995, including 10 years working with Rugby Canada as a travelling physiotherapist. Treating athletes in a world-class environment allowed me to work with some of the best medical professionals in the sports industry. Returning our rugby players to the field in the quickest and safest amount of time has directly translated to the level of care and attention that I can offer you. Regardless of injury or client demographic, you can trust that I will offer you the highest standard of care, and the fastest return to activity.

My ideal client is an individual who is committed to learning about their condition, and is a wi... Read More

What can I do for you?

As an athletic therapist, my goal is to help you get stronger than you were before your injury so we can reduce the chance of recurrence. Whether you have an acute or nagging injury, I can assess it and help you work towards pain-free movement confidently. My approach is collaborative, working with you to solve the issue, planning a way through. As we like to say, “athletic therapy is for everyone!”

How else can I help you?

I can provide retraining post-concussion, neuromuscular stimulation, and modalities such as therapeutic ultrasound and manual therapy. As an experienced strength coach, I can help you tweak your form to balance your strength, perform better in your sports, and take care of your body. We can work to decrease the occurrence of aches and pains that so many people associate with getting older. I have experience working with a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries. I have helped people to regain their balance, mobility, and coordination using aquatherapy and dryland training. I’ve also worked with people recovering from pregnancy, surgeries, cardiac and respiratory issues, cancer, as well as pickleballers, soccer players, rowers (university and para), runners, cyclists, and various other athletes.

Want to know a little about me?

Growing up, I figure skated and swam competitively, and played every sport I could at school. Rowing is the sport that kept me going through college. I’ve lived on the island for most of my life now, but I am newer to the Cowichan Valley and I’m excited to explore more! These days, I enjoy hiking and most other sports on some form of water (windsurfing, SUP, kayaking, snowboarding).

What can I do for you? As an athletic therapist, my goal is to help you get stronger than you we... Read More

What can I do for you?

Through my own experience with persistent pain, I understand that pain can have the power to impact many facets of your life - facets that are often not visible to others, and difficult to explain. In addition to impacting a person’s movement and abilities, it commonly impacts sleep, relationships, finances, confidence, identity, and more. My journey with my own pain led me to expand my knowledge in the science behind why we hurt - and in particular, why we might hurt longer than we’d expect when we’re given a seemingly harmless diagnosis of something like “back strain,” or “ankle sprain.”

Pain science is ever-expanding; we are learning more and more about the amazing complexity and resilience of our bodies each day! My approach to physiotherapy is strongly rooted in modern pain science. Part of what the science tells us is that all pain is real. Pain is not imagined, and it is not in your head. It is a very real physical and emotional experience. No matter how long your pain has persisted, the research tells us that all pain has the potential to change. When treatment is directed at changing the pain system, pain can and does decrease - there is hope!

You can think of our time together as a partnership, or as teamwork. When it comes to your symptoms, you are the expert. You are the one with the lived experience and the knowledge of what makes the pain system angrier or at ease. My role is to serve as a guide in helping you better understand your pain and symptoms, the factors that contribute to them, and help you bridge the gap towards the activities that you love.

If you are struggling with pain that feels like it is persisting longer than you thought it might, and/or if your pain is impacting your everyday function, mental wellness, confidence, identity, and abilities, I’d love for you to connect with me.

How else can I help you?

I have experience treating concussions, vestibular issues, complex pain conditions, and common musculoskeletal conditions including sprains, strains, and tendonitis. As a lover of rock climbing, running, and playing music, I also have a special place in my heart for helping people return to these activities, and recover from injuries related to them.

I completed my 200hr Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Training through the Canmore Counselling Yoga Psychology school in 2019. I feel it’s important not only to move the body (“working out”) when addressing pain and injury, but to also look at how we might begin to “work in.” Mindfulness, body awareness, and breathing techniques can often be helpful in managing symptoms and reducing unhelpful habits related to discomfort. As a registered yoga instructor, this is something I can help you learn - even if it’s entirely new to you!

Want to know a little bit more about me?

I am the mother of a 19 year old cat, and I have a soft spot in my heart for tiny birds and poorly made horror movies. Running, hiking, yoga, rock climbing, and music are hobbies that feed my soul! I am fairly new to the island, so any and all trail recommendations are welcome

What can I do for you? Through my own experience with persistent pain, I understand that pain ca... Read More

What can I do for you?

Suffering from chronic pain, auto-immune, anxiety, infertility or just need a quick fix on your back, my approach to treatment is total mind/body health through the ancient Chinese Medicine lens. This lens has a five pillar approach; diet, exercise, massage, patent herbal medicine and acupuncture with needles or low-level laser. Acupuncture with needles or laser can relieve muscle pain and calm the nervous system; Chinese patent herbs can assist digestion and nutrient absorption; Tui Na massage, fire cupping, and gua sha scraping can release sore or tight muscles; and lastly dietary and exercise recommendations can enhance recovery.

How else can I help you?

I can also treat children who are suffering from growing pains, digestion challenges, auto-immune disorders and more with a low-level laser or a cold laser treatment. The Chinese Medicine lens is helpful for people of all ages, as the focus is on bringing balance to the human body by optimizing the internal and external systems.

Want to know a little bit more about me?

I am familiar with the challenge of repairing from sports injuries, as I have enjoyed the seasonal sports of soccer, hockey and the ski hill for most of my life. I personally practice the aspects of Chinese Medicine that keep my own body, mind and spirit in balance as I gratefully live in the Cowichan Valley. I spend my time outdoors, fishing, making photos and adventuring with my wife, daughter, family and friends.

What can I do for you? Suffering from chronic pain, auto-immune, anxiety, infertility or just ne... Read More

I enjoy working with my clients to discover the root cause of their concern, in order to determine the best management approach. Throughout my career I have worked with patients of all ages with a vast multitude of conditions and injuries. I believe that each person is unique and I tailor my treatment to meet their individual needs. I believe you have to treat the person as a whole, not just an injury, in order to achieve the greatest success.

How else can I help you?

​​Are you someone who suffers from joint or muscle stiffness? Do you feel you are not performing your best? Is pain limiting your function? Are you not sure of the best approach to manage your injury? If you have answered yes to any of the above questions then I can help! My training includes spinal and peripheral manipulation and Mulligan techniques to restore joint mobility, exercise therapy and functional training to optimize muscle strength and control and a variety of taping techniques. I use an individualized combination of these and other strategies to achieve the best possible result for you. My goal is to assist each individual to optimize their results whether you are an occasional walker or an extreme athlete.

Want to know a little bit more about me?​

​​I am originally from the beautiful province of Newfoundland. I completed a Masters degree in Physiotherapy at Dalhousie University in 2008. After working as a physiotherapist in Nova Scotia for several years my wife and I moved to the Northwest Territories. We thoroughly enjoyed our northern experience but with two young children, it was time to live closer to family. We recently moved to the Cowichan Valley with our four year old daughter, two year old son, three cats and two dogs – it is a full house! We are very excited to explore everything this amazing area has to offer. We enjoy a multitude of activities as a family including hiking, boating and camping. My background includes playing competitive hockey and I look forward to getting on the ice in my spare time.

I enjoy working with my clients to discover the root cause of their concern, in order to determin... Read More

What can I do for you

Dr. Robinson brings with him over 23 years of family practice, sports injury, occupational injury and motor vehicle injury rehabilitation. He looks forward to serving you and your family with great care and expertise. He utilizes manual adjusting techniques, low force/activator technique as well as Thompson terminal point technique. At the time of his graduation from Palmer College of Chiropractic – West (2000), Dr. Robinson was recognized with an award of clinical excellence for the quality care that he demonstrated in the college clinic.

How else can I help you

Since his graduation, Dr. Robinson has continued to educate himself in soft tissue rehabilitation as well. As a new patient you can expect to receive an individual exercise and stretching routine that will aid in your speedy recovery and overall improvement in health. He may also give some guidance in nutrition, to ensure you body is being fuelled properly.

Want to know a little more about me?

Dr. Robinson grew up in Victoria B.C. with a strong interest in a variety of sports including ice hockey, squash, tennis, badminton and baseball. In fact, he played college hockey while attending Palmer College of Chiropractic –West in San Jose, California. But, it was track and field in which Dr Robinson excelled most, earning a position on Canada’s junior national team as a pole-vaulter as well as the University of Victoria track and field team. Today, Dr. Robinson maintains a healthy life style today by participating in golf, ice hockey, rock climbing and skiing.

What can I do for you Dr. Robinson brings with him over 23 years of family practice, sports inju... Read More

What can I do for you?

I am passionate about finding balance within the body to help you maintain function and independence. I take a holistic approach to care to help you achieve your wellness goals. Whether you are recovering from an injury, managing chronic pain, coping with repetitive or sustained positions, or simply looking to de-stress, I am here to help you maximize your health and set you on the road to recovery.

How else can I help you?

Treatments are tailored to your needs and techniques selected based on your presenting symptoms. I gravitate towards myofascial release, trigger point therapy, muscle energy techniques, deep tissue work, and various stretching methods. General Swedish massage techniques are incorporated into every treatment. I will also recommend home care activities that can help manage your symptoms.

Want to know a little bit more about me?

My passion for helping others began with my previous career as a Rehabilitation Assistant. I worked alongside physiotherapists and occupational therapists in a Stroke Recovery Unit in Prince George, BC. I am amazed by human resilience and our ability to overcome the most challenging situations. I moved to the Cowichan Valley with my husband and our dog in 2020 as a new RMT. You can find me enjoying the many beautiful trails we have here on my mountain bike or running with the dog!

What can I do for you? I am passionate about finding balance within the body to help you maintai... Read More

What can I do for you?

I love working with people who are passionate about their journey towards rehabilitation. Not only do I address your immediate problem, but I also focus on the body as a whole, in order to improve your overall well being. If you want strategies to not only reduce your pain, but also to optimize your overall health, I am the therapist for you!

How else can I help you?

Have you had an injury related to horseback riding? I can help optimize your recovery and get you back in the saddle as soon as possible. Want to optimize your running mechanics? Or get back into the gym and weight lifting after an injury? I am the therapist for you! .

Want to know a little bit more about me?

I am happy to call Cowichan Bay my home and I enjoy exploring the region’s extensive walking and hiking trails! In my spare time I enjoy reading, horseback riding, weight lifting, and running.

What can I do for you? I love working with people who are passionate about their journey toward... Read More

What can I do for you?

Massage therapy is a powerful tool that can help you feel more aligned in your body and mind. Are you living with chronic pain or recovering from an injury? Maybe you have typical poor “desk posture”, experience frequent headaches or you’re simply looking to relax. Whatever you may be experiencing, your body is in constant communication with you. Together we can assess your needs and find the best treatment for you.

How else can I help you?

Depending on your current symptoms and needs, I will use a combination of deep tissue, active/passive stretching, myofascial and Swedish techniques to help you throughout your recovery.

Want to know a little bit more about me?

I completed my schooling at Vancouver College of Massage Therapy in 2020 and started a private practice on the Mainland. I recently moved to Duncan with my husband and our dog. In my spare time I like to go on hikes or spend time at the beach, but mostly you’ll find me sitting on the porch with a good book.

What can I do for you? Massage therapy is a powerful tool that can help you feel more aligned in... Read More

During my career as an orthopedic physiotherapist for 9 years in Japan, I obtained several certifications to improve my assessment and treatment skills so that I can help my clients get better effectively.

One of them is the STOTT PILATES® Matwork, Level 1 Certification which allowed me to incorporate Pilates exercises in my exercise prescriptions for my clients. In addition to this, I also obtained the Certificate in Orthopedic Manual Therapy by Manual Concept at Curtin University in Perth, Australia in 2019 which allows me to utilize many kinds of manual therapy techniques to make a precise diagnosis and provide an effective treatment program.

As an avid runner myself, I am interested in treating running injuries and would like to help runners who suffer from them with the latest evidence and my own experience.

​​If you have stiff joints in your lower back, neck, or even other areas like your hip or SI joint, then I can help you with my training in manual therapy. I will use my hands to stretch out the connective tissues around the joints that might be limiting your movement. Then, I will work to use very specific amounts and directions of forces to help create better alignment in the planes of the joints. This is all done after I complete a very thorough examination to help me better understand the root cause of your problem. I can then create a tailored treatment plan that involves not only manual therapy but also individualized therapeutic exercises. I will make sure that these exercises are communicated clearly so that you can continue to do them at home to supplement the benefits of our in-person treatments.

I was born and raised in a small town in Hiroshima, Japan which is surrounded by an ocean (Seto Inland Sea) and mountains and islands like here in the Cowichan Valley!

I grew up playing soccer competitively and graduated from Prefectural University of Hiroshima in 2009 with a Bachelor of Physical Therapy and worked at several orthopedic outpatient clinics in Hiroshima and Tokyo. In 2015, I decided to move to Canada and spent about 2 years in Vancouver as well as Whitehorse, Yukon and I fell in love with the kindness and the beautiful nature that Canada offers. After working in Tokyo as a physiotherapist for 3 years, I decided to move to my 2nd home country Canada with my wife and we are really happy to be on this beautiful island. While working at the clinic, I will be working towards becoming a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy (FCAMPT) at UBC from September 2020 onwards. If I’m not in the clinic you will find me either running/hiking/biking on the trails or fishing somewhere on the island.

During my career as an orthopedic physiotherapist for 9 years in Japan, I obtained several certif... Read More

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